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Grey.Is not the colour of 2021!

Yesterday, this horror of an email landed in my inbox from 'Press Loft' who are an agency that send journalists trend updates from the PR world. I couldn't make head or tail of the suggestion that we need 'greys' in 2021 due to 'everything on just now in the world.' The copy references greys as 'tranquil and soft' colours. I agree this can be the case in particular settings, it's not uncommon to see grey in the interiors of a spa, but this aesthetic doesn't necessarily translate into domestic settings.

2020 has been the bleakest, saddest, greyest year for so much of the world, when we're faced with feeling 'grey' the last thing we need to do is surround our environment with such muted tones.

I find the whole concept incredibly depressing that we're being told to fill our homes with grey, personally I think it should be the opposite. We've never needed to experience the joy of colour as much as we need to experience it now. Instead of an 'All The Greys' prediction to create a more harmonious sense of tranquility, I would have mixed grey with blue and turquoise tones to create a genuine sense of serenity.


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