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Colour is intrinsic to everything Momtaz does so it's no surprise that with her unique eye for colour, she's regularly called contacted by brands to share her influence and expertise. She's the Founder of the modern colour theory Hello Hue® which shows you how to harness the power of colour to uplift and transform your life, Author of Hello Rainbow and Hosts the Hello Colour podcast. 


Branding - New launches - Campaigns - Digital Content 

Inject some colour into your campaigns...



Momtaz Begum-Hossain is a Colour Therapist, Modern Colour Theorist, Happiness Facilitator, Author, Podcaster and one of the most colourful and positive people you’ll ever meet.


She is an advocate for sharing the joy-bringing power of colour. She inspires people to become colour confident, showing them practical ways they can harness the benefits of experiencing more colour in their life. Using the principles of Colour Therapy and Hello Hue®, the colour theory she developed which her book Hello Rainbow Finding Happiness in Colour is dedicated to, her keynote talks and panellist appearances are uplifting, energising and guaranteed to put you in a good mood.


 Momtaz works with brands and organisations to elevate messages around colour leading to increased brand awareness and increased sales. If you're launching a promoting a project where colour plays a role Momtaz can help you create a marketing strategy where colour is key. 


A service for individuals and small businesses, Momtaz can help you find the right colours for your brand that carries the right message about your values and services. Ideal for freelancers, bloggers, start-ups and brands looking to re-fresh their identity.


With a highly-engaged social media community of over 10k Momtaz regularly works with brands to experience and promote activities like exhibition openings, colourful food products and events that her colour-loving community would be interested in. Paid collaborations and gifted collaborations considered. 

Brand clients 

For campaigns, digital content etc

Clients include: Lush Home, More Than home insurance, Magnum ice-cream, Tatty Devine, Gudrun Sjosden, Czech Tourism, Jet2Holidays, Timberland, Speedo, Sunbites, Brighton i360, Sushi Shop. 


Let Momtaz to bring the rainbow rays to your campaign

Email Momtaz to discuss opportunities to work together. 

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