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About Momtaz


Momtaz's warm and friendly personality allows her to connect with people instantly. Her first presenting role was as a teenager on Channel 4 (Child's Eye). She then became a regular guest contributor on the BBC's Network East TV series Café 21. Momtaz's background is in journalism and she has worked extensively in student, local and national radio including hosting her own show and currently hosts The Desi Woman Podcast. She has also undertaken dance and drama training and her television experience includes children's TV, competing on a craft reality show (Mastercrafts), working as an Entertainment Reporter ( and Limelight TV), being a Video Blogger for The Arts Council of England during London 2012, presenting a Fashion and Beauty series called Vatika Miss Asiana and a Reporter for The Greenwich Show; a magazine programme that was broadcast on The Community Channel in 2015. She was a Finalist in The Asian Media Awards 2015, in the 'TV Presenter Of The Year' category. 


Momtaz has worked on live television, events and pre-recorded shows and previously worked as a runner on Blue Peter and across BBC's Children's programming unit. Her credits include BBC 2, Channel 4, ITV, Asiana.TV, Zing TV, Brit Asia TV, The Islam Channel, The Community Channel, London Live, One Harmony Radio, BBC Asian Network, Worthing Radio, BBC Birmingham, BBC London, BBC Wales, Awaz FM and Radio 5 Live.


A journalist by profession, Momtaz has contributed articles for national and local newspapers and magazine such as The Guardian, The Independent, The i Paper, Mollie Makes, Project Calm, Dog's Monthly and the Trinity Mirror Southern group (Fashion Columnist.) She has also done copywriting for major brands such as Estée Lauder and Barclays Bank. 


On-screen her passionate, lively approach to interviewing, developed through her experience as a journalist encourages her subjects to open up, while her positivity and enthusiasm for life is evident in all aspects of presenting.


Momtaz's appeal lies in her honesty and her approachable and infectious optimism; watching her is guaranteed to put you in a good mood!


Her interests lie in presenting lifestyle programming covering arts, community, entertainment, fashion, travel and crafts.


5 Special things about Momtaz

1. She once got knocked over by a cow

2. She collects 'hamburger themed' memorabilia

3. She is obsessed with Bollywood movies

4. She changes her hair colour. A lot.

5. Her dream job is to be Bat Girl