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'Hello hue' video chats with Momtazbh ph

'Hello Hue' is an online video series where I chat to colourful people about the role that colour plays in their life. 


It's inspired by my Colour Theory 'Hello Hue' which encourages people to welcome colour into their lives. 

Each Episode, available to watch on YouTube and on my IGTV channel, features chromatic characters sharing their experiences of welcoming different forms of colour into their lives; from neon to natural dyes, as well as inspiring colour lovers who use colour in their creative practises, whether that's art, fashion, jewellery design, interiors, or through another favourite medium of theirs.

Season 1 launched October 2020.
Season 2 launches Summer 2021.



EPISODE 1: Neon with Jylle Navarro

Textile Designer and Founder of Neon Naked Life Drawing

Jylle has an MA in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins. In our Colour Chat she shares the misconceptions people have about Neon, how she discovered it, and why Neon is her 'normality.'


EPISODE 4: Mosaics with Kaye Gilhooly

Mosaic Artist

 Kaye Gilhooly is Tasmania's Goddess of Colour. We chat about her passion for creating visionary environments and her amazing mosaic memory path.


EPISODE 2: Natural Pigments with Esra Alhamal

Islamic Illumination Artist and Founder of Bristle and Brush Handmade Watercolours

Esra has studied, and teaches this ancient artform which uses natural pigments. She also hosts the Art Illuminated Podcast. We discuss her process of making paints, and why gold is extra special.


EPISODE 5: Painting with Artist

Sarah Coey

Scottish painter Sarah Coey, aka The Rainbow Artist, creates vibrant art in her own unique, accessible style.


EPISODE 3: Rainbows with Grace (DisGrace)

Jewellery Designer and Mental Health Advocate

Grace's Instagram feed is a sensory explosion of rainbow fashion, style and make-up. She shares why rainbows are an essential part of her identity, and how colour is crucial to her life.


EPISODE 6: Costume & Fashion Designer

Anne Sophie Cochevelou

Anne Sophie chats about her inimitable design, her unique creative vision, and why plastic toys are one of her favourite materials.

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