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PRE-ORDER my book Hello Rainbow - Brighten your life and mind with colour therapy, published by Leaping Hare Press, 19 October 2021.

Hi! I'm Momtaz and I'm one of the most vibrant people you'll ever meet! You might have heard me speak about colour on the radio, read one of my colour-themed articles, encountered my rainbow inspired imagery on social media, or come across me in my earlier careers as a Crafts Expert or Journalist.

I'm a Colour Therapist Expert and modern Colour Theorist. I've developed a colour philosophy called 'Hello Hue'. I believe that by welcoming colour into your life you'll experience its wellbeing benefits, have a renewed positive outlook, an experience a greater sense of joy, and satisfaction in every aspect of your life.

I provide colour expertise, commentary, consultation, workshops, and editorial for brands, organisations and businesses in need of colour advice. 

My colourful past

A lifelong crafter and woman of words, I worked as a professional Journalist and Television Presenter for over a decade. I landed my first  job as a young writer at the BBC on their children’s magazines and later joined Popular Crafts, the UK’s oldest Crafts Magazine, before leaving to pen my first book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I juggled a career as a Lifestyle Journalist for 10+ years, covering topics like health and wellbeing, finance, and fashion, writing for outlets like The Guardian, The Independent, The i Paper, Asiana, Mollie Makes, HuffPost, and gal-dem, with being one of the most influential crafters in the UK. By day I travelled the world, meeting and interviewing some truly inspiring minds, and by night I was running crafts workshops, and designing projects for a range of books, and publications. I'm still continuing to spread the joy of colour and crafts though writing editorial, giving talks and workshops, and partnering with brands. You can also book one of my life-enhancing Colour Services. Find out more in the services section.

Follow the rainbow 

Become a part of the Hello Hue network of Colour Lovers by signing up to my monthly colour-themed newsletter Rainbow Mail where I share news, and tips from the world of colour along, with colour therapy advice. Follow me on social media Twitter and Instagram where I share colourful content to inspire your own Adventures in Colour. 

It’s time to give grey the nudge and make room for colour – who’s with me?

Momtaz is available for writing, colour and craft consultancy, special projects, collaborations, presenting, and hosting. Whichever of these takes your interest you should also know that Momtaz oozes an infectious optimism and working with her is guaranteed to put you in a good mood!