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Colour Expert

Colour isn't just a 'hat' Momtaz puts on. It's intrinsic to everything she does so it's no surprise that with her unique eye for colour, she's regularly called upon for her expertise. She has experienced first-hand the energy colour has to uplift, and transform and is the Founder of the modern colour theory Hello Hue. Momtaz's 3rd book about Colour and Wellbeing will be published by Leaping Hare Press 19th October 2021. Pre-order your copy of Hello Rainbow: Brighten your Life and Mind with Colour Therapy.     


Momtaz has appeared on BBC radio talking about the power of colour to lift your mood, and was invited to Host a talk at the prestigious Tate Modern gallery in London about how to incorporate colour into your life. She has devised her own Colour Philosophy called 'Hello Hue' which promotes and explains the wellbeing benefits of colour and why it's so important to make colour a part of your every day life.


You can find out more by joining her Hello Hue workshops, plus, sign up to receive her monthly newsletter. 

And it doesn't stop there...

*Momtaz has studied Colour Therapy and is available to provide content and comment on this unique alternative therapy. 

*She provides Colour Consultation, providing tips and advice for fashion, interiors and colourful living.

*She has written about colour for a number of publications and platforms including BBC BitesizeProject Calm magazine, and Londonist

*She has also worked with the global colour team at Akzo Nobel, creating video and photo content for the trade paint brand.

*Her blog CraftandTravel, charts her Adventures in Colour, combining her passion for travelling the world learning about international crafts while discovering colourful locations. 

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